• Cremation Memorial Cruises​​
Many families have their own meaning or significance in the
scattering of cremains.  When you release your loved one's
cremains into the ocean, you're not saying just one thing.
You're "letting go", creating that "special place of memory"
and "celebrating their freedom."

“Attended” Memorial Cruise
Vessel's home port - Ponce Inlet, Florida
Additional service ports 
St. Augustine & Port Canaveral, Florida

“Attended” Memorial Cruise, is a beautiful way to assist with the passing of your loved one.  In its own serene way, the ocean helps calm our sadness and brings a sense of closure.

Cruise includes:

  • First mate greets family/guest at, Inlet Harbor Marina, Ponce Inlet, Florida. 
  • After boarding the private 50ft motor yacht, “AleMande”, you are greeted by the Captain (Insured/Licensed by USCG – 25 yrs. Experience).
  • Captain meets with designated family member to review all details of cremation scattering prior to departure.
  • Brief safety instructions are given by the Captain to all passengers.
  • Departure proceeds to a serene location approximately Three (3) miles offshore.   (Total cruise time - approximately 2.5 hrs., but can be shortened if time constraints)
  • Crew offers/serves complimentary soft drinks, juices, water and coffee.   Client/Family are also welcomed to champagne, wine, spirit libations, or the likes, for a toast to the departed loved one.  (Cups, napkins, plates and utensils are complimentary)
  • Client/Family are welcomed to bring music, family movies/photos (on CD), to be displayed/played on flat screen televisions (located inside/outside) for all to enjoy. 
  • Arrival at the serene designated location, the Captain, Clergy and/or family member(s) provide a reading of passage, conduct ceremony, release of cremains and memorial flowers/rose petals.  Conclusion of ceremony, Captain will make the "circle of life" pass, allowing family to take all time necessary to reflect and say their goodbyes.
  • Slowly vessel makes it's way back to the docks.  During this time, crew members will disburse cooling/warm scented hand towels to refresh and assist families with group photos/videos.
  • Some families prefer to add, additional cruise time, (River Cruise 1.0 hrs.) for a “Celebration of Life”, on the scenic intra-coastal waterway, prior to / or after  the cremation scattering ceremony, which allow family/friends to settle, smile, laugh and shed a few tears all while reflecting on their loved one’s life.
  • After debarkation, Captain will meet with designated family member (client), to resolve any monetary compensation. 
  • Post Cruise - Designated family member will receive a Dignity at Sea "Memorial Certificate" (via USPS) with date, longitude/latitude of disbursement.  This gives meaning to many families for re-visiting at later dates and for disbursing other family cremains at the same serene location.
  • The option to disburse, additional cremains, of other family members, on same cruise, is available for an additional cost per scattering.
  • Gratuity is not included. As with any personal services rendered, a 10% - 20% Crew Gratuities is an accepted way to say “thank you” for exceptional crew service.
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“Non-Attended” Memorial Cruise

Dignity at Sea provides a means for a peaceful and ceremoniously interment of the loved one when families are unable to attend.

“Non-Attended” Memorial Cruise offers a dignified option for families who are personally unable to be present or seeking a lower cost alternative.
Arrangements for transportation of cremated remains can be made either with the United States Postal Service or thru a funeral director.  

Cruise includes:

  • In a professional and respectful manner, Dignity at Sea takes possession of cremated remains from USPS and/or local funeral directors.
  • Within Seven (7) days of receipt, the Captain will travel approximately Three (3) miles offshore (required by law).
  • The Captain will conduct a dignified and respectful ceremony. (Picture is taken and provided to designated family member.
  • After the cruise, a designated family member will receive the Dignity at Sea “Memorial Certificate” (via mail) with the date, longitude/latitude of disbursement. The longitude/latitude location gives meaning to the family for visiting at later dates and/or for disbursing cremated remains of additional family members.
  • The option to disburse additional cremains of other family members, on the same cruise, is available for an additional cost per scattering.

  • Shipping instructions:
    The use of United States Postal Service, registered mail, is one of the most secure form of transportation. The shipment is protected by the United States Government and guarded in a government facility to assure the safety and protection of cremated remains.​
    Pack container in proper shipping box. 
    Enclose your payment for Dignity at Sea in the form of money order or cashier check and mailing address.
    Ship only via USPS, registered mail, return receipt requested.
    Next to mailing address, indicate the contents of package on outside of box: “Cremated Human Cremains”. 

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Veteran Memorial Cruise

  • Receive a custom design military certificate.
  • Play specific military service music.
  • Special ceremony prayer with certificate.
  • The rendering of Military Honors for an eligible veteran.

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